Company consulting

Funds  concepts / Funds prospectus

Baer & Baer Consulting Company is specialized in creating concepts of investment funds to the public, mainly real estate funds but also aircraft and shipping funds, hotel funds, movie funds, funds for new energy projects etc. Our service reaches from the overall conception for the preparation of the required contracts, calculations, business plans and design of the prospectus to the approval of the BaFin authorization (German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority). If you are interested to learn more about funds concepts, please have a look at our short presentation of a current solar funds and contact us at any time. For further information, please contact us.


On client’s request we undertake the entire sales coordination for the funds with BaFin approval drawn up by our company and offer at the same time to do parts of the sales activity ourselves. Additionally, we offer to coordinate sales activities for funds which have not been drawn up by our company. In this case, we have to look very carefully at the funds and their initiators in terms of respectability, reliability and future prospects. For further information, please contact us.


Nowadays, many companies have to face challenges which present difficulties to their financial situation regardless of past positive results and efforts. We at Baer & Baer Consulting Company, can assist to address these challenges in helping implement financial and organizational solutions or change economic situation. On the basis of our long-standing experience in this field, we are either able to optimize the profitability and efficiency of your middle-sized company or develop concepts for a recapitalization or restructuring process. Furthermore, we can assist you in the insolvency proceedings according to the legal rules. For further information, please contact us.